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Belly dance is a form of dance in which the dancer moves their whole body in a circle around the body of the dancer (the dancer may move while moving). Belly dancing is the most widely used form of dance in the world. It is performed around the globe by thousands of people and the choreography of this dance has been developed over a period of about 300 years. The dance is not only one of the most popular forms of dancing but is also taught in schools, hospitals, schools, prisons, hotels and all types of public places.

How is it performed?

The most important part of the dance is movement (movement of the whole body) and the rhythm of the dance is a matter of skill and coordination – the movements of the hips and spine are not just for show.

How is it learnt?

The easiest way to learn belly dancing is by watching people perform it. Usually many people of other countries come to dance with you and you teach them how to do it. This way you teach people with another culture the same dance at the same time.

Belly dancing has a number of names in different countries and in different parts of the world – in France there are dance movements used for belly dancing called le dix, there is also dance music called le gabble, le frou and le nogabab.

A lot of people use the term belly dancing as a catchall term for it but in other countries that term is not used.

There are many different variations of the dance. In the Netherlands, for example, belly dancing is called de dix, in Spain (like the Netherlands) the movements are called le nombre, in Holland le frou and in Brazil le nombre.

Many variations of this dance are the result of an experiment. You may learn this dance for a while and you will start to discover different moves that are not commonly found.

Do you want to know more about belly dancing?

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