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It’s the dance called walking the circle.
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It’s been one, long, exciting year for the world of comic books, and one that has certainly made comics one of the hottest commodity on the indie scene. Marvel and DC are back with new and exciting products, and as with most other recent big hits, there’s even one that looks like it might be in the works. New titles from Image inked new deals with DC and Marvel, and there are plenty of new and old titles we can’t wait to delve into, like Dark Nights: Metal and All-Star Marvel.

Here’s our round up of all the most exciting and intriguing new titles getting their comics on the shelves in the coming months.

Marvel / Image

Avengers: New Guardians – This is arguably one of the best superhero titles to hit the shelves in recent memory. Based on the recently released movie, which saw a trailer drop in December, the new series is set in the world of Marvel comics, the first of which, The Mighty Thor, debuted in 1967. Based on the same writer and artist team as that other comic. In the world of the comics, there’s a team of heroes called The Avengers which is made up of powerful and talented heroes, such as Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. The group is made up of many members, but in the comic, Thor is the leader and main character, a super-powerful man with strength to match that of anyone in the series. He battles villains and saves people on a daily basis, which is exactly what he does on the screen as well. This book could be a lot of fun, and will be a great chance to get started with one of these awesome characters.

Action Comics – This is a new ongoing series out of DC that centers on a young Superman who finds his powers and personality changed. The story’s set in the same universe as the recent movie reboot, but has this story in it’s own time period. The series is written by Scott Lobdell who also co-writes Superman with James Tynion IV, co-writing Batman and Harley Quinn with Scott Snyder; Batman and Green Arrow with Greg Rucka and Jim Lee; and Hawkeye with Steve McNiven and Jason Aaron. This is not so much a new book, this is an action-packed take on the Super-Hero genre. You can catch up on the first issue on the publisher’s site, and you can follow along on Facebook.

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