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Raks is an abbreviation for “Rocks and Chips.” This was designed to differentiate the company from the ubiquitous food packaging “Ricardiano” with an image of a chip rolling toward the viewer. The name came about after The Kraft Company tried to patent a new way to make processed foods, but lost to a competitor. In the early 70s, the Kraft Company was trying to build an international food brand centered on a healthy, colorful, and innovative label. They started by designing and experimenting with various variations of the standard “Ricardiano” label such as “Ricardo’s” and “Richardson’s.”

What is the origin and meaning of RCS:RPAN:RAD?:Rakes! Rakes is the first word in their tagline: “What’s the name of the new food?” They’ve had a trademark for the product since 1960. The company was founded by John P. Carlin, Jr. and Paul F. Rameses (known affectionately as “Pappy”) on a farm in North Carolina in 1960. It began with a recipe of fresh red vegetables, but later added tomatoes, corn, and other crops to produce more variations such as “Pappy’s Rakes.” The company began selling under the “Pappy’s Rakes” banner (along with its other original trademarks such as, “Pappy Red Sauce” and “Pappy’s Fried Chicken” and others) to the food service industry. Carlin and Rameses sold Rakes to restaurants in 1971. Today the company has more than 1,350 restaurants across 30 states.

When do you order Rakes?: Rakes are not available when you order by the dozen but are available when you order three or more Rakes in a single serving.

Can Rakes be bought at the store? Yes but you will have to order in increments of three or more.

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Are there any variations on the basic recipe? Rakes are delicious hot, cold, or extra hot. They can be made with any other fresh vegetables, meats, or seafood you want as they taste just as good hot or cold. You can also substitute with other spices and seasonings. They come in a few different varieties. You’ll find a special recipe for Chicken Rakes and Roast Beef Rakes here. Rakes are sold on the shelf at all Rakes locations but some also offer Rakes “On a Stick.” That is, in a serving with toppings such as chopped onion,

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