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Raks is a free service that is used to store and analyze the transactions of users of Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin exchanges. It is intended to solve scalability issues between miners and exchanges and makes it more efficient to run a Bitcoin full node and to process the transactions needed. Raks takes care of the transaction and processing needs of both the miners and exchanges and is also used to store the transactions made by miners themselves.

The Raks is able to store approximately 100,000 transactions before going into a backup state. However, in case that the Raks gets corrupted or loses its data, it will be destroyed. This will render the information in the Raks unavailable to others.

If you want to use Raks, register at http://rks.io . A new RKS version can be downloaded through this link: https://www.rks.io/releases/v2.1.0/ .

For a list of wallets and exchanges supporting RAK, please see the wallets and exchanges listed below.

If you would like to use Bitcoin Classic’s RAK, register at https://bitcoinclassic.com/rks/.

Coinbase (https://www.coinbase.com), Bitstamp, OKcoin (http://okcoin.io/), and LocalBitcoins (https://www.localbitcoins.com/) are all working around this, as is Blockchain.info, which operates all the main Bitcoin Full Node services. Currently none of these services have implemented what they consider a RAK. These services are in compliance with Bitcoin Core’s roadmap, but require a developer update for their support.

Why Does Raks Need a Backup and what Are the Raks Backup Files?

Bitcoin Full Node Bitcoin Wallets:

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rk-socks.dat : contains all the wallets stored for a given wallet hash.

rk-addrs.dat : contains all the addresses associated with a given wallet hash.

rk-sendheaders: stores send headers for each transaction.

rk-txids.dat : contains all the transactions made by a wallet.

rk-txouts.dat : contains all the transaction out of the wallet.

Raks Backup files (for a given wallet):

rk_full.dat : contains the full wallet hash.

rk_db.dat : contains all database connections.

rk_pool.dat :

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