What is Raks? – Is Belly Dancing A Good Ab Workout

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It’s the name of an iconic Indian food, used in the Indian restaurant at my house. As I explained how the name came to my attention, and it’s a pretty accurate description of what it is, I thought this wouldn’t be a bad opportunity to share some food blogging wisdom and share a few more recipes.

If you have never tried Raks, you might want to give it a try. To me, they are a quick and easy dish to whip up in a few minutes. In fact, if I could only find one Indian restaurant in my area to get my hands on a bunch of these dishes at once, it would be this place, at least when I visit. Raks is a delicious, crispy, buttery dish of rice, potatoes, onions, peppers, yogurt, and spices.

The best part of Raks – aside from the onions in there. They go great on just about any chicken, fish or veggie (although the yogurt should be on the side, or on top, for that extra flavor). A few other fun additions you can add to the dish, are the onions, cilantro, red pepper and garam masala. It’s a fun dish, and you don’t have to include the spice stuff in the recipe, but it would really add that extra touch of spice!
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Raks is an Indian dish, and one of the most widely distributed dishes around. They may not be called risotto at the French place I live in, nor are they commonly found in Indian restaurants (though in places like my neighborhood, you can find more than a few places that do have some). To me, Raks is my version of creamy risotto, with a creamy cheese sauce. In general, I don’t really use cheese in anything as I don’t have any in the house yet. I have seen a few vegetarian recipes that call for cheese, but I haven’t tried them, so I can’t say for sure. Raka is very popular, especially in the south, so this is why this is a recipe I wanted to share on this blog.

My recipe was inspired by my friends Ritika and Aisha, and their recipe (although their mayo recipe is my original version, which I tweaked and added to mine – if you have any problems with this, let me know in the comments here, or in the comments – I’ll try and help as best I can!)

I made a few alterations, as you can see – I

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