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Rap dancing has always been a central part of our culture. And in the late 60s and early 70s, the Harlem music scene had its genesis and its most famous star was the legendary Cipha Sounds. He was the first and most iconic hip hop dancer—and the first hip hop artist to be nominated for an Academy Award. At the end of the day there are so many different aspects to it—even though it’s known as hip hop dance style today. And I think one of the best reasons for the genre’s proliferation today is its accessibility.

I remember a young man in the audience this past year in New Zealand who did a fantastic job in doing the Hip Hop Dance Moves with a lot of hip hop. He even danced on the stage during the song “Who Dat,” which is one of his most popular tracks. That guy is pretty dope, and he is still in the New Zealand music scene, so you get the feeling he is making a living out of it!

Also, as a dancer, you don’t need to be the fastest player because there are a lot of steps—you just need to have a dance choreographed rhythm. You can work on the fundamentals, but just to get really creative there’s just a lot of things that have become trendy with our generation such as the shoulder roll and the knee dip or the thigh up step, which are not a part of today’s rap dance style. The hip hop dance style is constantly evolving, so the way you can make that change is to find something like hip hop dance style.

If you are someone who loves hip hop dance style, and also loves classic music, then there are a ton of great hip hop dance albums out there! The best ones that I have found are by the likes of the Roots, The Coup, and Run-DMC—to name just a few—and then you have the great jazz albums that are out there, like Duke Ellington’s Duke Ellington, for instance, in which you can definitely see how hip hop dance style was born.

There are some great dance albums out there that have great hip hop dance styles, too—think of like hip hop artists like DJ Shadow, who did an album full of hip hop dance moves, or The Roots, who had three albums full of hip hop dance moves, which is some of the most popular hip hop dance styles ever. That is definitely a great source for all budding dancers out there.

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