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Is it just an extension of the culture of the South?

I’m not sure how relevant it is to the conversation to pretend or claim that hip hop is a culture, given that hip hop is so much more and diverse at the level of culture itself than it is of culture in general. But as I said before, we are talking about the politics, and how hip hop connects with and is connected to political, economic and social realities of the South at the level of culture/politics and so much more.

If that seems too complex, this is part of my attempt to give you an overview of what the idea of a culture is as a way of thinking, or as we know it (the dominant cultural system of the United States, the United States as we know it).
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In the case of hip hop, it has become something like a culture of its own, as there are so many different kinds of bands who don’t really all sound the same but do use hip hop as a vehicle for what they themselves are interested in. Whether it’s a rap style, or the type of music the genre can get away with (some bands try to mimic other styles so that the genre looks more like another), it has its own style of production or whatever. Some bands do not make use of hip hop as a vehicle to make them different, but use the music in the same way they do for rock or country music (the two main genres of mainstream music).

The reason that a genre or kind of music can be used for so many different purposes is that a variety of different political, economic and social realities can be attached to the form of the music or genre. There is a broad range of political, historical and ideological values associated with hip hop. For instance, people from the US and from the United States have a huge amount of influence on hip hop in the sense that hip hop is so easy to use in political discourse. This is because hip hop is an American expression, and in order to use US slang, hip hop is often used as slang in the United States. It is used as slang in the US because most slang is American.

If we look at the music of the US, we see that the form of most of the music is quite similar to the US. This is because hip hop can be used as a vehicle to express so many different sorts of political agendas. If it were a kind of culture, the music would be made differently, but hip hop is also very popular in

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