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In my opinion, rap culture is a cultural movement, a cultural identity. With that said, I still see a lot of hip hop and hip-hop music as being influenced by other cultures. In a way, when you’re into rap music, there are so many aspects that are influenced by other cultures that you start to notice how your own culture looks a lot like the culture you’re into. How do you identify the influence and the influence is not only in the music or the lyrics but on the style of clothing and the music itself. In a sense, hip hop is more influenced by other cultures than it is by other people.

I see it like this. Hip hop music is mostly influenced by rap music. It’s very similar in style, but different in some of the references and parts of it. So for example, there is a lot of influence from classical and classical instrumentalism in rap music compared to hip hop music. But it’s definitely influenced by jazz and soul music.

Hip hop is so popular these days because it isn’t just hip hop. It is also influenced by the blues, the country, and even other genres. When you’re into a genre like hip hop, you see how it’s influenced by different things like country, the blues, jazz, and even rap. If you just look at the music, it’s basically all influenced by the same thing. It’s all really similar.

Ripcords are the same

I was gonna ask you about the difference of a vintage cassette versus a CD. How do you feel about the difference between a classic cassette and an electronic cassette?

I don’t really know. I have a couple good old classics. I like how the drums work better on cassette tapes in some respects and they sound more raw because the drums are in the groove rather than on the record. CD is very loud, but I really enjoy the effect of the record scratching on the vinyl. Some of these cassette tapes sound like old plastic and I like that. But cassette tapes do also sound somewhat less metallic on CD.

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