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Yes, hip hop has been known as a culture, but the definition of a culture is very broad. Hip hop is an art-form. If you listen to it, you can’t help but think about different people, different cultures, and what makes their culture so special.

But there are so many hip hop albums. So what’s a hip hop culture?

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It’s like a music industry industry, but it’s also like an art-industry for me. Hip hop is an artistic medium. That’s the problem hip hop is not defined as either culture or art. It’s both.

To me, the difference between hip hop and pop music is that you can listen to just the music and decide the difference between a pop music and a hip hop music. Music is never neutral. Pop music just does it better. With hip hop, it’s more like when you’re talking about how a band creates unique sounds or makes music that is unique. And so what I think about hip hop is that it doesn’t really differentiate between pop music and hip hop music. I’d consider them to be the same. Because they’re not actually different bands, but rather hip hop bands that just happen to have a different sound that makes it unique.

For example, in my opinion, Snoop Lion’s new album I Know What You Did Last Summer is a great new addition to the genre that has been growing. I don’t consider it to be an alternative to R&B, because it is not an alternative to R&B. That’s one thing hip hop doesn’t have. I like to compare it a lot to the album The Blueprint. It’s a great addition to the genre, but you have to listen in the same way that it was made. You don’t compare what the artists did at the time to the way they are doing today. The album was made when these artists were at a time in their career that they were not ready. A lot of them weren’t ready for that situation. That’s where I personally, I think the album’s great. In hip hop itself, I think it should be considered hip hop culture. But it has to be presented as such.

Is hip hop art or culture?

The only thing I can really use the term as a music critic is to describe what hip hop is. Art. The people who make some of the best music create their own genre, they put their own label on it. And so if you want to define

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