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When hip hop culture is a culture. Hip hop music does not need to be a culture. It needs to be a means by which to express the same thing as many other forms of popular music, and even to be a means by which to express things about life or culture that are relevant to life or culture. For example, hip hop music could be used to discuss various philosophical issues about what the nature of morality is and whether the existence of God necessarily implies a divine creator (a question often hotly debated); it could be used to discuss politics – perhaps we need to take away the government’s power over us; or to discuss religion, and whether or not this religion should be the government’s official religion. It could be used to discuss sports (not the sports we are told we should be following, but the sports we really should be following); it could be used to discuss economics. There are other ways of using hip hop, all equally legitimate and worthy of discussion (and I have done so in other contexts).

But Hip Hop Culture cannot be something that is inescapable, in the same way that you cannot change the weather, or make money off of your car, or even to the extent of making money as a professional athlete, or become a celebrity. There must be rules, and there must be a way to determine what, and how much, culture can and should grow. If this is true, if it is true that hip hop culture can be a means to address life or culture, well then, what else is it? As a culture, hip hop can be, it can be a force. It can also take away culture from culture. But it must be part of culture, because it must support culture and make hip hop culture. In some sense, the definition of hip hop is a little like the definition of music itself:

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Music is a medium for conveying a message. A message may be music from a musician, sound recordings of music or poetry, art or other artistic works composed by a painter, or any other work of art intended by this medium for communication.

Music is also a medium for a multitude of other things that are very real. They are not things meant for our entertainment, nor are they things meant solely for our entertainment. But they are things that can be created from nature, can be found in nature, and can find their way in the world around us from there – some of which we can directly observe through our senses, some we can only sense in certain contexts,

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