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Why not? And where’s the point of “sodomy and the law” if there’s no such thing, right?

Well, there is a point. What does that even mean? I’m going to explain that in “Praise Jesus” (part 2 of 10, titled “Praise God”). It’s a really fun part, and a lot more useful than it might seem at first. And, if you’re wondering why it takes so long to get to “Praise Jesus” – it’s because I’m trying to be so vague and abstract about this. First: “Praise Jesus” is a religious piece of work, a work of a Christian theologian. It’s not a religious piece of art. It’s an exercise in the Christian faith itself.

Next: the first scene in “Praise Jesus” is from the Gospel of Matthew, and it’s about Jesus (and Jesus’ crucifixion). That’s it. There’s no sexual innuendo, no religious themes involved, nothing “sodomite” (but also no “wicked” or anti-Semitic). The main character is just a boy. His name is David. And, he’s at the cross. And he just wants to get out, and he has a friend (he has other friends). The entire thing is just the boy making his own choice about his future. Which isn’t going to have any consequences. And, most importantly, this is not about a sexual relationship at all. This is not “sodomite” or “wicked.” This is not about a sexual relationship or any kind of taboo or bigotry. All of that is a mere footnote. It’s there for comic relief.

I’d like to think that most people do this kind of thing. It’s very real. And, maybe you all have friends, or people you share a relationship with, or you have just been out on a night club that got really loud, or a party you attended that ended pretty ugly. Well… I’m sorry not to be a big-ass, Jesus-is-right-this-is-a-bad-thing kind of person. I was one before, for a while.
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It’s kind of like a game. If you’ve ever gotten drunk to the point where you were unable to speak coherently and start screaming at the top of your lungs, or started throwing your arms out and swearing, or start shouting at other guests in your bar… You

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