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When I first started talking about belly dancing with my family (they still follow a traditional style from the 1950’s in Japan), my mother said that she saw a lot more people doing belly dancing now because of social media. I did not think that people were starting to engage in the act, so it’s really something to look forward to.

I’ve seen it on TV and I’ve seen the people dancing with their arms around each other when the show was broadcast.

A lot of young people are doing it now in Korea, as well as it’s becoming increasingly popular in America.

I’m not sure what it’s called in Europe or Japan but the majority of belly dance videos on YouTube are of Japanese people doing it. If there’s a video of me doing it, some people think I’m part Japanese.

When they first became popular in America, they were mostly white people dancing with an Asian-looking dancer but in recent years, there have been a lot of Asian/Asian-American videos in this style, as well.

The music used in Korean-Koreans’ videos is actually quite dance-oriented compared to those in the United States. I’ve seen music videos where there are dance moves and it reminds me of a dance troupe at a school or church.

I’m pretty sure my style is unique, but I’m not sure it differs from what I did at the time (I was quite shy about it), so that makes it more difficult for me to understand why people would look at something and think it’s good. But yeah, I’ve never felt a desire to be the kind of dancer famous for having a belly dance. So if I were to have an idea of why I’m getting attention, I’d definitely have to explain that at some point.

(Interviewer: How did you come to start performing belly dancing, and do you consider yourself a traditional artist), It took a while to find my way in the dance world. When I first started my career, I was a musician and used to DJ occasionally. I was at a very high level of music and DJ skills. I decided that I wanted to work with the rhythm and dynamics of the beat in an artistic way. That was kind of an eye opener for me, but I didn’t really get involved. I had a couple of clients but it wasn’t until I had my own company that I began to take steps towards my passion of bringing the music of the world to people who

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