Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Professional Belly Dancers

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Yes. No. You be the judge.

How to do a belly dance

1. Place yourself on your stomach and curl your toes.

2. Roll your shoulders up and press your chest out.

3. Spread your arms apart and then push your hips forward.

4. Hold on to your toes or pull them closer together and push down on your upper arms and back.

5. Do a half-squat or lunge forward, then lower yourself back into your belly dance position for one minute.

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What is a belly dance? It’s a belly dance that is made into a dance. It can also be a belly dance that’s more challenging. The first couple weeks of a belly dance are more challenging than the first few days of a yoga class.

Your body has to adapt to being in a lot of weights. You might be able to do a belly dance once in your life and not be able to do it the next. It’s because you have to put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, hips and back.

It’s different from other weight bearing exercises because your legs are moving forward, not back, as you lean forward to create a better balance.

You also can’t lean back so much. To give you an idea on the amount of pressure you might apply, when I am in the middle of a half-squat and I lean forward, the weight isn’t falling directly on my back, but it’s hanging down on my shoulders and elbows.

Another difference is that belly dancing also has a lot more variation than yoga. The first few days after you learn a belly dance can be painful because your joints are so sore and tight from the stretching.

But that’s what makes it so fun. After a few weeks of learning, your body adjusts. It won’t be the exact same as a yoga and your joints and muscles will recover quicker.

So what can make them better?

1. Use weights

Belly dancing can be made into a full body routine. We’ve heard this from many yogis. For instance, they will do one body pose (for every 10 reps of your belly dance) and then switch to another pose (for every 10 reps of your belly dance).

It’s amazing how much your body adapts! If you don’t have a specific plan, then it’s easy to skip stretches.

Also, you can use your weights because you are

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