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Is belly dancing great for your back? How do you think your body compares? Read on and find out:

What about men?

Bellydancing is not as popular among men as it is among women, and the reasons are pretty much the same: It’s for women and a whole lotta lard in this case. So men will still just as likely be as nervous about belly dancing as their lady friends.

It probably makes sense that in order to increase your fitness or your muscle you will need to perform more activities on a regular basis. It’s just one way to boost your metabolism.

How much belly dancing do I have to worry about?

For women, belly dancing involves more weight and poses more risks than men do. Belly dancing should be avoided during pregnancy or anyone on medication and other conditions. The more you dance your belly will stretch and flatten out. This will also make it heavier so when dancing your belly will get all wide and exposed. The more you are exposed to the dance the more you will get hurt.

A good rule of thumb is do at least the bare minimum of what you are dancing. There are always exceptions, but not many. Also know that when it comes to all types of dancing, it is a matter of personal preference, not just because you are pregnant.

Tips on How to dance belly dancing

Know the moves:

Try to get a lot of experience and then you can find the moves that work best for you.

This might not be a problem at all if you are doing more than just one move. You will feel like your getting good at dancing the moves.

Practice for more than just one week beforehand.

Make sure you are getting good at dancing, that’s important because this is about confidence. You will have to feel confident doing it but if you do, you will feel so good that you will forget how to hold your own body in a dancing pose. When you first start on belly dancing, it helps having already danced it twice before to get some of the skills down. If you practice it for 3 times, it will be easy for you to start to really get good at it.

Take care of yourself:

Eat right, drink enough water, get enough sleep, not overdo it, be sure to keep your abs looking tight, stay hydrated, use a shower if possible, and get plenty of rest. Also, be aware of the

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