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Belly dancing is a beautiful sport that can enhance a physical appearance. The movement can be used for both formal, formal dance routines (such as the French dance “Rouge” – or “the dance of the sun”) and for light and danceable belly dancing.

People are naturally attracted to beautiful bodies. A person can have a good time while dancing. However it may be time to stop or at worst it could cause you to spend some time in hospital or at your local maternity ward. Belly dancing must never be dangerous, it is for entertainment only.

I’m not sure what to think about belly dancing. Do I think it’s a good idea? Should I watch it or not?

I’ve asked around a bit about belly dancing and am aware it’s not as widely advertised as American Football or the NFL. It is definitely a more socially acceptable activity than some other more serious activities like American Football. That doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous! Belly dancing can cause a wide range of medical issues, and it can be painful. However in my opinion it’s just as safe as any other activity.

There are some people who dislike belly dancing and they will say that they only want to see sexy women. Personally I’ve never experienced anyone who was angry and put up with the sight of someone belly dancing, but I can’t imagine it would make them happier. However I would suggest that before joining a belly dancing class at your local gym, get as much as you can about its history and history of being a good activity. There is a history of the practice which can be helpful when deciding if it might be an appropriate activity for you and the person you are dancing with.

In 2010 a BBC documentary called Body Mass Index produced by the Independent showed that belly dancing may pose a health risk to some people who have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

However you will also not be at risk. I believe there have been no major side effects and I have had zero complaints of injury. Some people may fear the idea of wearing a bathing suit and may feel uncomfortable about it, but it is not required. If you do decide to take yourself for a spin in a belly dance class then I encourage you to talk to your own doctor about what is safe and what isn’t for you to do while you are there.

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