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The majority of the people we see at the beach who are young men do not seem to understand the cultural differences between the sexes.

And with the men being more masculine in their behaviour.

The beach is a popular place for bachelors and women, but many women who are not interested in getting married find this beach more attractive or more intimate.

As this article outlines, it is extremely rude to ask the same woman who is being approached by a man why she is coming to the beach with him, and that also shows that the same man has no knowledge of the cultural differences between men and women.
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On that note, it is very disrespectful to talk back. It is also disrespectful to flirt, even when a man has asked the woman to dance.

When a woman walks in the nude, it is seen as an invitation to flirt. On the other hand, when a man walks in the nude and a woman does not turn away, it is seen as an invitation to do something in public.

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