How many calories do u burn Twerking?

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d.twilighthq: Do u think ur going to get that 2x Twerking? 5:39

d.kittenkatz: Why are there so many twerking videos? 5:27

d.kittenkatz: are all twerking videos bad? 5:24

d.kittenkatz: why do so much video have to be bad? 5:24

w.w: wat do u think about being in a threesome with 2 girls 5:22

d.dubz: what are u going to do in twerking when you get a girlfriend 5:20

d.dubz: what’s so fun about twerking 5:19

w.w: is it normal to have sex with 2 girl, but only one guy ? 5:20

d.dubz: what’s wrong with 2 girls who aren’t going to want to fuck you anymore? 5:20
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w.w: can you go home and do 2x twerking 5:19

y.y: do u do twerking like that on cam? 5:19

d.dubz: is twerking ok 5:19

y.y: is it ok to do it on cam 5:19

d.dubz: can you masturbate in front of a webcam 5:18

w.w: but what if u cum in front of a girl ur fucking 5:18

w.w: do u think it would make her love u as much as u love her 5:13

y.y: if u cum on a webcam it is like cheating because u didn’t really do anything 5:15

w.w: what’s wrong with twerking and taking pictures 5:17

y.y: do ur fans love u in the video because of ur looks or because you look hot in the video 5:12

w.w: if you cum hard on your camera do u get a big orgasm? 5:11

y.y: i like the guys who cum on their cams and if that is hot is the guy that takes the photos of the hot girls? 5:14

y.y: what is the best time to get naked and do twerking? 5:14