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The numbers are pretty simple. Twerking is basically a combination of sprinting to a specific location with a lot of heart power, then walking, and then spinning your feet in a way that causes your body to burn a lot of energy to get the job done.

In general, Twerking burns about 2 to 4 calories per Twerk, with the higher end of the scale being the same energy expended for a brisk 5 minute brisk walk to the same location. Twerking is also a full body motion, meaning that your lungs are burning as much oxygen as those who are stationary. Therefore, Twerking burns more calories than a brisk walk because walking causes you to work more energy than twerking. This makes Twerk training a lot more energy efficient than sprint training for running or cycling, while Twerk training makes it easy on the body too.

As you can see from the chart above, Twerking consumes most calories if done on a stationary run. This is because you are walking about 3 to 4 mph, which is slower compared to a run or cycling run at roughly 5-17 mph, which is faster. But, Twerking is also a full body motion, which means that while the heart is burning a lot of energy to push you through the running portion of the workout, twerkers spend a lot of energy walking around, making this the most energy efficient workout of the 3.

As with any workout, the more calories you burn when Twerking, the more energy your body can store during workout. So if you can Twerk a 5 minute run, you will have a better chance of Twerking for 5 minutes on your own, and then some.

That’s one thing that Twerkers have a knack for: being awesome while walking around and doing a bunch of other stuff. They do this by just getting out there and doing the stuff that requires quick reactions and high energy, while walking around and twerking to their hearts’ content.

Twerking workouts are extremely low impact, so you won’t find a ton of cardio equipment to help you along. That doesn’t mean you can’t try Twerking, though; you really just have to be willing to deal with all the extra energy use.

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