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That’s it. You probably won’t even burn one (unless it goes viral).

The best advice is to keep it fun, but then get serious: “Get a body builder and you’ll look like him.”

“Get a personal trainer and you’ll look like Oprah. What are her muscles like?”
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“Get a jiu-jitsu master and you’ll look like Michael Strahan.”

The real secret is to be “one who talks, talks, talks.”

“If you don’t, there’s no need to talk.”

You don’t talk about yourself. You try to talk about what you do. Your goal should be to create “the conversation” or “unfold yourself”, instead of talk about what others say about you. It’s more honest, the more you talk about your work and why you say what you do.

4. “Get your health out of your system”

If you don’t exercise or exercise but don’t eat, you can’t improve your health. You have “exhaustion”, that is, that your body has built up over a period of time as the primary source of energy, as well as “energy exhaustion” that the body has built up over time, after a period of inactivity as a primary source of energy.

If you don’t have energy, you don’t have strength, your joints will not recover properly and you won’t be able to run properly.

If you aren’t eating right, if you are not getting enough nutrients, then you will not be able to recover.

If you don’t exercise and don’t have food, you will get muscle and strength.

A good way to work on this is to “stretch one muscle at a time”. When you stretch one muscle at a time, you get to see it grow. With time you can actually see your own “genetic fitness score” progress.

When you don’t exercise and don’t have energy, you can’t improve anything, if you didn’t eat in the first place. You have “energy overload”. You are like a child who has to eat every few hours, to keep from burning up. Your body is trying to keep you alive by consuming calories. However, this causes an overload of energy in your body, and your metabolism rates won’t help you to digest and metabolize as much food as it needs to.

The real secret to building more energy is to eat

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