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Well, you can twerk with your tongue, but it is also possible to twerk with your dick.

If you’re like most men, you are not a fan of twerking. There is no doubt that people love it, but twerking is not for everyone. In case it’s not clear, twerking involves twisting and spinning your body, and not just the hands. If your dick doesn’t get it doneā€¦

1. To twerk with your dick

This is what twerking does to you.
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Let’s start with some basics.

Most men have soft erections. This means that they don’t have any hard parts like your prostate or your scrotum or even your balls. They’re very sensitive.

But how do you get those hard parts to vibrate a lot? To twerk with both your penis and your dick. That’s what this is called a ‘twerk’ routine’ or twerk routine.

The most basic approach for twerking with your dick is to make it vibrate hard and very easily, like a rubber dildo. If you try to twerk with only your dick, you can make it vibrate a lot, but this will still not get you off the second you get off.

It’s easier to twerk with your tongue. As long as you can do it with your voice, you can do it and twerk with your tongue.

When you’re twerking with your tongue, you want to keep it up as long as possible. The more you twerk with your tongue, the stronger your dick will sound. Keep it that long, so you can use it for a quick and pleasurable twerk.

However, sometimes you can’t do it with both your dick and your tongue, or you can’t twerk quickly enough. That’s where the dildo approach comes in.

If you can only twerk with your tongue, that means that you need a dildo. A dildo is a piece of flexible plastic or metal that vibrates when you twerk with it.

Here’s a video tutorial to twerk with your tongue.

2. To twerk with your dick

This is what doing the first step in the twerk routine looks like. I’ll show you how to twist your penis towards your penis head. To accomplish this, the first thing you will need to do is to insert a dildo

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