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Faces are more of a challenge to twerk, as you have a more restricted view in which to move. I did some video and video tutorials online that helped me with that but I think I’d recommend a good, short Youtube tutorial here to get you started:

You can do it in a number of different ways. First you can twerk with your arms straight as straight as possible. I like to twerk my arms as far as I can in each direction, then twerk my legs in the same direction. I don’t twerk with my feet, they’re way too slow for that.

You can do it with the top of your head held straight up, the bottom of your head held straight down, your knees bent, your body hunched, and your head hanging.

Or when I do it with my wrists I just make them curve and twist. So my arm would be down at the elbow, and as it twisted my wrist would curve a little like I was trying to bend the wrist.

I have a video tutorial in my blog that will show you how to twerk with your hands. It’s more detailed than what I’ll detail in this walkthrough.

Or if you’re looking for more tips, check out my youtube channel. Or check out another article I wrote with other guys here:

Or on my Facebook page:

What is the fastest?

That is entirely a personal question and there is no easy answer!

For me, a 100mph twerk was just a dream for once but it also took a few breaks to get there. I started out with my hands in the 80-90mph range but by the second time I went full speed, I could not do better than 80mph.

If I’m doing another sprint, it’s not going to be as fast as the first one. I’ve seen some people do it to the point where they can only go a few hundred metres. The point is that it’s a challenge.

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