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How do you make sure your torso has no movement with one hand?

These are pretty basic movements people do from their standing stance to their standing stance to their standing stance.

The first thing I ask in the beginning of my standing/sitting workout is, “Do you want me to help with this?” In the beginning of our workout I just hold everything and let them figure stuff out on their own.

I use a few different tools or positions to help them as well:

The L-Sit: Put one foot on the floor at a 90 degree angle to the ground and hold your torso straight with your hands at your sides. Let your feet come to a 90 degree angle as well. Once fully in the L-Sit, roll your toes outward until your knees hit the floor; then, roll your toes in again. This position should be kept for the duration of our stretching exercises. I like to let our lumbar band go slack with every stretch of those four “pounds” of the band, which allows for a good rotation of the lumbar spine.

The Half L-Sit: Bring your torso almost to your hands, standing on a flat surface like a platform. Take a deep breath in, and with the back of your hips straight keep your back flat, and take a deep gasp as you begin to slowly lower down, keeping your whole body. Take it slow and you’ll gain more stability as you go.

The Vertical Squat: You’ll do this in between all your standing and sitting stances. Hold the squat position and squat the weight down as low as you can. You’ll only use your hips for weight transfer (if needed) and then just walk forward as you lower back into the squat position, and slowly rise up and out of the squat position. Then, stand back up and repeat the cycle.

Then, we try to find the most efficient stretch through our body—like, “Oh shit, I can’t go any lower!”—so we’ll do these a few different ways.

Our First Stretch is called the “Warm-Up Stretches”—so it helps with the movement and stability of your core.

After our Stretch is done, we go in for the second “warm-up” or “posture” stretch, where we use the same motions outlined above with our standing stretch. It’s actually a bit slower because we’re using more of our leg muscles, so we can spend more

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