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It’s like, a belly dancer is just moving their whole body, and you keep your back straight like, like a dancer, like, and the hips are in straight line with each other, moving together like. What does a belly dancer do now? What does a belly dancer do like the way that you want yourself to move your hips?

“Yeah, and this is a guy with a belly dancer’s hips, not just the hips, and that will give you the feeling of being like, a belly dancer’s hips,” Meeks said.

“Well, if you have a hip that’s not like that, then it might be a different thing, maybe,” said Hines, who also is the head track coach at UAB.

This story was first published online on Feb. 10, 2011.

Belly dancer’s skills may have helped win college football’s national championship, but that’s not why he’s a belly dancer.

At least that’s what a new video from YouTube shows.

UAB’s Tommy Hines is seen working a classically trained, “ballerina” figure at the 2012 National University Athletic Association football season opening practice Wednesday.

It’s been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

UAB spokesman Mike Wilson says Hines is not a “ballerina” — he uses his hips to execute complex movements, not to dance like one.

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