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What does your hip hinge position look like?

A: Your hip hinge is the hinge of the hip. When you bend your hip, the center of your hip bone moves.

Now, if your hips are moving and your body is moving, they can’t just straighten out. They have to go in opposite directions and that’s what the hip hinge is all about.

You are pushing the hip forwards as you raise your hips, whereas, if you keep the hips in the same position, you don’t move the hip forwards and the knees never bend. You always have the knees bent. We’ll show you the hip hinge position in the next chapter. But, the hip hinge position is the basic movement that will cause the knee to bend, which, in turn, will cause the hip to straighten.

Now, we have to make sure that no one moves the hips while you’re in the hip hinge position. If the hips move, the knees will continue to bend, and vice versa. So, in order to move the hips and knees, you have to be able to keep the hips and knees in the same position.

Now, to make that happen, you have to put your hand on the ground in front of you. And, you might think, “Why do I have to put my hand on the ground? I can just raise my hips. Why did you do this?”

The reason that we’re going to do this is because the hips and the knees are going straight while you’re in the hip hinge. Now, when you raise your hips to a certain degree, you don’t have to put your hand on the ground to raise your hips. All you have to do is make sure that your hip hinge remains straight. This can also be done by keeping your hips in a specific position. If you’re raising your hips a little, you’re doing it without putting your hand on the ground. So, if you make sure that your hip hinge remains straight, you won’t be moving your hips.

And when the hips and knees are straight while you do all of this, then your torso will be straight and your pelvis will be vertical. And that’s important. The fact that your pelvis is vertical is a sign that you’re in the hip hinge position.

Q: I see now that the hip hinge position is different than the leg hinge position. For example, I can lean forward and my knees are at the same level. In the

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