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A: I was never the strongest guy, but I was very flexible. I could do everything, which was pretty good.

S: Do you have a favorite move?

A: My favorite move is from the dance team: You’re in the center of a circle, the leader is on your left, and everyone has to follow her. So people are facing the center.

S: Have you ever danced anything with the group?

A: No, unfortunately, to this day. But maybe in the future.

S: Do your teammates recognize you when you go out into the world?
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A: Of course they do, and they’re so kind. A few times, I got a text from an AARP. I’d say, “I saw this guy on TV, and he was like, ‘You are?’ And I said, “Yeah, I was a wrestler, but for some reason I can dance.” A couple times I got texts from people that I hadn’t seen in a while; they’d text me a photo, and they’d say, “Here’s my daughter and I danced together.” [Laughs]

S: Do you have any other dance memories from your childhood?

A: My first dance was in the ninth grade at the public library, and I was very young. I can remember my instructor going over who I was, saying, “Oh, you must be from the National Association of High School Ballet. You’re going to be an A-list dancer.” I was like, “Um, you mean I’ll be an A-list dancer that’s going to be a big star.” I didn’t have that thought in my mind.

What happened is I made all my moves, and then was supposed to go up and down a rope until I passed out. In the end I was not even that exhausted, and they told me I could keep going. It’s very similar to how I feel now when I go out in the ring, as long as you’re moving normally, you’re going to do some kind of a move.

S: So when you get out there, how are you feeling?

A: All right, you know, I have to have a good feel. I think if I knew what I was getting myself into, I’d be prepared before I stepped in the ring.

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