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A-H-I-F-I-N-E. And now…?

We’ll just pretend that it did go smoothly. Right before the game, the Red Sox were at the plate.

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Inning 4:12, 1:24 left in the inning. The Red Sox lead 3-1. A batter hits a homer. A runner at the plate. It’s over.

What happened next is a mystery, but I do remember that I said something during the game that I’m pretty sure was the worst line I ever uttered in that clubhouse. But I won’t remember where it was. I swear.

Inning 4:24, 1:32 left in the inning. In the bottom of the first, the Red Sox hold a two-run lead. Boston has already hit four home runs in this game. But…they’re still up. And it’s 1-0. But…the Blue Jays just walked a guy. Boston still in control.

The second inning was the closest I ever came to yelling that line. The Red Sox won 5-1. The series was tied. Boston was still tied, but two Red Sox were still winning series.

An 18-year-old man has been charged after he allegedly shot and killed his pregnant mother, and her unborn baby, in her home Saturday morning.

A suspect, identified as Tyler Michael St. John, 18, was arrested after an autopsy showed the child, who was stillborn, was still alive at the scene, authorities said.

“His actions are completely out of character for me as a police officer,” Cmdr. Matt Fagan said, adding that officers acted quickly after receiving a 911 call at 11 a.m. He added St. John is in custody.

“This person was in the house. He left with some type or instrumentation that could have caused permanent damage,” Fagan said.

Police have not confirmed that the mother was pregnant.

St. John is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse. He’s being held on $2 million bail. The case has yet to be officially made into felony murder.

“I am in shock for the loss of my daughter, her unborn child, and her unborn child’s mother in this terrible tragedy. I was just deeply saddened and saddened for the family on how they went through this loss,” Lori St. John, father of the baby, wrote on Facebook. “I will

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