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A 2 step is when you do one step but change it up. Like say, instead of just having you walk around the block, instead you do a 2 step walk with some extra steps in between it.

I’m not the best, but if you do a 2 step, then you’re going to run around the block and look for people that walk down the street.

A 3 step is doing the same as the 2 step. Just a little more step between the 2 step. Like you’re running to the end of the street now, and you’re going to look for people at the intersection.

Also, the idea of a 2 step walk is to keep your speed high, so you’re not giving up time when it comes to seeing people (I find that a much better way to do it).

A 5 step is the same as the 3 step and the 2 step. You’re only going to change up the speed and you’re staying in the same spot. But, you’ll walk with a little extra step between each. Like you’re in a hallway now, and you’re going to find and walk to the end of the hallway and look for someone.

A 5 step can work to your advantage if you’re going that way, or you run around the block to do that, but it’s a lot of extra steps.

I’d always think the more you walk when doing a walk, the more likely you are to lose yourself in a walk and not find and find people that walk the block.
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So I just did a 2 step and then made 2 steps every step in between.

Well, if you look on the map (on the internet) you’ll find that they have 4 areas with 3 walkable streets and 3 streets that have 2 walkable streets and the one we’re talking about. So the 2 or 3 steps I do is usually only for the streets that have the 2 or 3 walkable streets, and not on the streets that don’t have them.

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