How do you do a two step? – Belly Dancing Lessons For Beginners Part 1

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Let’s begin to understand some of the fundamental concepts of a second stage.

To recap what’s been covered up to now,

Phase One

The first stage of the project is to identify and determine whether or not you’ve met the budget and scope of the project (aka the plan). This stage is also the initial stage when the entire scope of the project is explored to its final and expected scope.

Planning is the process by which the organization begins to develop a plan to accomplish every single task.

At this stage, there is no budget and there is definitely no budget. You will simply be doing the best you can to get as much done as possible. There is a general process of outlining what needs to get done and getting in a position to do it, as well as giving each department heads the resources to do it well.

Phase Two

Then comes Phase Two — the actual implementation.

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We will take a look at implementing a project plan with each department to determine at what point in the project the department should start implementing the project plan. You will need to provide input so that you can have input into the final implementation phase.

This can be the time when you do the actual work. Some will say this is when we have to find out who needs to be fired or let go. While that is true there is a point where the work gets done and the departments that were involved make a decision on where they can proceed to continue to implement the project.

The second phase will also help define how big the scope of the project will be. This will not help any more than the budget and scope of the project, as Phase Two is about defining how big the scope of work is.

The key to defining a larger scope is to have the project plan that is large enough for each project team to carry their own weight. This way everyone’s role is the same when it comes to the implementation phase.

In the beginning, a good idea when starting a project is to have the first goal of the project being to build your project. You must understand and make sure that this is something you really want to do.

Once you have an idea of how big the scope of the project is, you can get a better idea of what the overall workload/budget should be for doing your job. It is up to you (and your team) however to determine the level of work that you think is necessary.

It isn’t uncommon

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