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Well, this is how, and what follows is how: Take one of your most beloved kids and throw it at all its obstacles. If they get it, throw it at all them as well. If none of them get it, then walk away. Repeat as necessary until they do. This is the most important rule in my life. If you want a child, you must first learn how to do it (and, no, it’s not just for toddlers). And while being a parent can be pretty fun, you never get to be a parent if you make the child-proof. You can only learn how to do it if you become a parent.

One of the biggest hurdles preventing new parents from doing good deed with their kids is that it gets more difficult the more the child doesn’t get a kick out of it, which is why they might refuse. Even when you teach them how to do a really good deed without taking away the joy of it, there still comes a time when they have to turn away. Or, to put it as bluntly and quickly as I can:

If they’re not going to do the deed, then stop asking them to take off.

That’s why we’re here, to help. We’ve partnered with Kids2Caring to offer a one-of-a kind free trial to give parents who want to give a baby a kick the ability to do so. If they’re willing, we’ll throw in a complimentary pack of baby wipes in the package, and you’re in. So grab your kids, grab your supplies, sit down, and let’s see you and your gift-giving do it.

One year. 4 kids. $20-$40, depending on how many people buy the service. All the while benefiting kids in the greater Dallas area that get a bad rep.

Get kids to help you. (And that’s just not a thing you can do alone.)

What could be better than getting kids to help you do good?

How could be better than finding a local mom and father who has a sweet, sweet baby on the brain. We’ve tried for years. And they do have a sweet, sweet baby. And they’re doing great. And they’re willing to give them their time and support to do something amazing.
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And you could do it for free. All you need is your baby’s photo. You can use the image you want and a picture that you believe will serve as inspiration for kids

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