How do you dance for beginners? – Belly Dance Drawing

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When it comes to the dance basics of step dancing for beginners the basics of basic moves have been written about in the dance books and a lot of people have also had the opportunity to learn by themselves. However, I was always told that it was the only thing. After some years of getting involved with dance I realized that the other way around.

I remember being in a club in Paris and seeing a teacher dancing to “The Way You Move (My Way)” by Jule Styne. My friend and I came up with the idea of having a dance to that song. I have a lot of experience dancing to a lot of different songs and this was the first time I was ever asked, “Do you want to dance to a song you made?” I looked my friend in the eye and said, “Yes, you have no idea!”

If there’s a step of the dance it is the step before you do your dance step. If there’s an error, you have to do the dance step again. This keeps the energy in the dance. In order to be comfortable in the dance you must learn each step of steps and also the technique of those steps.

Do you always move the right way?

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I always move the right way. My friend is from Austria but she moved around the world and she didn’t change her rhythm the whole time. I just learned new dancing movements. Sometimes I will make mistakes.

There are certain elements in step dancing that are important for us to be successful.

Let’s say we see a dancer who is doing a step and is doing it exactly the same as you are doing it. It means that the dance’s direction of flow doesn’t change and we can still be successful as opposed to a dancer who changes the form to suit the individual dancer.

Step dancing for beginners involves using your own flow to your own advantage. I want you to have fun and be creative and to move in sync with your partner. Once you have successfully learned the dance steps and your partner is comfortable, there are many reasons why you should practice with the help of a partner.

For those of us who are experienced dancers it is important not to have a problem just getting to know the basics. There are other elements of dance that you need to try when you’ve done a step dance. When you get in trouble you should always try your best to move on until you find a more comfortable dance.

What advice do you have for aspiring step dancers

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