How can I reduce my belly and hip size? – Belly Dance Drawing

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This is a good question, since the belly is a naturally rising organ, yet there are many “belly-shrinking” products which supposedly decrease this process. The bottom line is: there is not a magic pill that will magically stop the swelling, but rather, you need appropriate health care for your body.

One common idea is to reduce your protein, especially meat. You are not increasing your protein intake, you are “stealing” nutrients you normally take in.
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Another idea is to drink water, as I have noticed people are often overly thirsty during meals, but not always hydrated. This is because of the water that you ingest daily. This can lead you to urinate at inappropriate times and times you should not be, like in the middle of a workout before you get back to your desk.

Another common practice is to avoid food entirely as you will have too much protein for your body. This will increase your calories, and it’s important to see yourself eating healthy on a regular basis, both when at work and when home.

If you are interested in reading more about the benefits of avoiding grains and legumes, please read my article titled How Can I Reduce my belly size without losing muscle mass?

What are your views on my body-fat percentage, waist-hip ratio etc? And how can I lose fat quicker?

As you may have gathered by the title of this article, people hate on me for my body-fat percentage. This is understandable – it isn’t always 100% accurate! My body fat percentage is 10% and my waist circumference is a rather average 40.9cm. However, I am not worried about my body-fat level in the long-run. The good news is that you can train and exercise just as hard as any athlete and still gain or lose weight.

I am convinced that you can gain fat-free mass simply over time by exercising. It’s important to note that if you exercise too little or too often the results will only be marginal, so you need a plan which incorporates both.

A popular workout program which offers a good mix of cardio and weight training, for example, is ‘Breathe’ by Coach Bogan. The program includes resistance training, aerobic activity (i.e. intervals of cardio), weights, body-weight exercises, agility exercises and breathing exercises to help build your core strength.

You can read a detailed account of it over on my blog.

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