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I can’t seem to get rid of my breasts.

I’m trying to shed weight with diet and exercise, but I’ve found that sometimes my body just shrugs its shoulders and doesn’t really give up. I haven’t been able to get away with my old, unhealthy way of eating and my body hasn’t been willing to give up its weight. I also find some new foods that are too large, and I’m not sure what to do with them.

Here are a few pointers on how to deal with your fat:

Get a mirror

If that’s not an option, take some pictures of yourself. Put it on a wall. If I’m standing right in front of your mirror, what does it say about my waist?

Measure yourself

Use a tape measure, but use it with a lot of care. My biggest mistake is always measuring my waist on the spot I want to lose, when I’m just trying to get rid of that extra weight. If I use a tape measure too much, it makes me look like I’m taking too much off by mistake. Get it just right and use it for proper measurements.

Cut the fat from your body with exercise

You should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, at least 15 minutes of it should be on your abs. If you’re not exercising, you’re missing out on the weight loss, plus you can’t get to the secret muscle building secrets.

Go to some gyms and join the gym (I can’t do this without a $90 membership, my insurance will think I’ve lost weight, and some other bullshit). I’m a big proponent of cardio, but if you’re not doing it at a gym, I highly recommend one that has a full range of workout equipment available.

There are all sorts of ways to cut calories and make you feel good about yourself, so just do a bit and you’ll always look your best.

Get it on with your trainer—and then get it off when I tell you

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I know that I can lose weight by making myself more efficient but that’s not the secret to fat loss. I can get rid of my fat by doing nothing and working out all the time, it will just keep on giving. I’ll have to stop doing all that stuff and try to take my workouts at least 15-20 minutes.

Do you have any favorite fat-loss methods? Which ones work best for you

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