How can I learn dance at home? – Where To Buy Belly Dancing Outfits Red Shoes

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Learn to dance online or at a club or class.

What’s the difference between dancing and ballet?

Fancy ballet is a fancy dance where you wear fancy clothing – suits, tuxes and gowns.

Dance involves movement, not just clothes. It’s a way of life that you can dance around and learn to enjoy.

Do you have to be a ballet specialist?

Yes, dance and ballet are not the same thing.

Can I come to your school to learn to dance?

Yes, dancers can come to your school to practice. They also can get trained in a club or a class.

Which dance is best for me?

Different people have different needs. A good place to start is with what to expect in a dance class.
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Which dance type would be best for me?

All the main types are fine. If you like to have a kick and a bit more fun, it’s probably not suitable – you might prefer a more traditional step from a ballet. If it’s your first dance, it might be the next least dangerous for you.

I love to dance. Is that just me?

It’s great! It might be part of who you are. If so, feel free to share your photos with us. You can also send us an inquiry through our contact form.

I want to learn a style or part, but I can’t do it at school.

Please read our guide on where to start. Also make sure you visit our list of beginner’s dance courses.

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