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Dance is an integral part of learning any language. If you’re not familiar with it already, it will get easier and less distracting.

If you do know the basics, it is still useful to start with a fun playlist to start with; something like this:

Then, as each practice session begins, listen to what the student says. You can then start to imitate or practice the teacher’s speech.

Finally, if you are not happy with the way you are practicing, you can go back to your playlist. It can be good if you notice in your practice, as noted earlier, that you are going slower or slower in your breathing. If it is not working, feel free to go back to your playlist and try again.

Is my dancing important for learning a foreign language?
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Dance is the foundation for learning other languages and any subject. It is the one thing you need to have before you begin, and you need to practice it to make yourself a great dancer. There is nothing wrong with dancing at home in order to learn some basic things but you should not expect to be a dancer at the highest level without practicing.

Some people may get very frustrated with what they are learning but I think that, if they are doing it the right way, dancing will be a source of excitement to them. As long as it is happening, it’s just the normal way of learning something new. If you make a mistake, that’s your job, not yours as a dancer. Some people find they are struggling and then they find, after many hours of dancing, that dancing is not what they were expecting. In the end, it turns out they were just using the wrong way to get the reward of learning a new subject.

Some dance teachers will say the same thing! If you’ve mastered basic moves, then dancing is the way to go. However, dance is not about “getting” every part in a particular movement. It’s about learning how to control a specific position and then learning to make that position move when you try to perform it.

Does the music in my dance class affect my pronunciation?

Some dance instructors believe a very small amount of music in a dance class will not be so noticeable on pronunciation as long as you are able to remember the words before you actually start singing.

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