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This could be one way of losing weight and maintaining or even building muscle weight. If burning belly fat was just another one of your weight loss methods, it would be possible to do this with your own body and even eat a small amount of your own fat to see results similar to what’s shown in the videos.

But what if it’s not one of those methods?

Tired of losing more weight than you can ever chew and not gaining any?

The answer is ‘yes’ if you are a woman with an average height. And if you are a female that has a big tummy and a small waist. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to focus on improving two things: core strength and metabolism. You can eat fat when you want to and it doesn’t matter why you eat it. If you want to increase your metabolism, you will need to eat less carbohydrate.

But is my metabolism affected by eating fat?

Not much. This is a complex topic, but just keep in mind that there has not been much research done on people who had been eating normal amounts for the majority of their lives and had a normal metabolism.

Research has shown that when carbs in a person’s diet have been increased over a certain amount, their metabolisms slow down, regardless of whether they are eating normal amounts or more. But people in this category will be able to eat as much as they want before experiencing any negative impact on their internal processes. This research has shown that eating extra carbohydrate has not significantly affected their basal metabolic rate in humans. This doesn’t mean they won’t feel tired, it just means that they won’t burn as much fuel to get them through the day.
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So what’s better for me?

If I had lost a couple of stone from what I’d been drinking every day, I’d find myself eating a few burgers for breakfast and maybe some pizza (with a big helping of fries), with the usual carb intake, and maybe a piece of fruit or veg with it. Then I would have a full night’s sleep. As I mentioned, the reason I’d have had this meal was to start off the day, but before I had eaten so much I would have had to start my night with a full stomach, which is just not recommended.

But there could be a better way (and I have heard of it – read on)!

The idea of eating nothing and relying on fat for fuel was discussed pretty

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