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The Islamic State group is not in the habit of letting women dance freely, but it has made exceptions that have left some women dancing in a way that could offend its strict versions of Sharia, which dictate that men and women should have equal rights. In the Islamic State group’s version of Islam, there is no punishment for women who violate the dress code as long as they are not involved in violence. According to the Islamic State group’s interpretation of Sharia, women should not be allowed to dance, according to the Daily Mirror, an online newspaper. “If you get a big boob job, don’t blame yourself,” said one man to another while pointing at a young woman at the show. “They’ll say that, but then it gets them a point.”

However women have not been singled out for dancing. Dancing has always been frowned upon by mainstream Islamic societies. Women have long been discouraged from performing in public shows – such as in salons, beauty parlors and nightclubs – because of fears of sexual harassment. But some Western governments, including the United Kingdom and Denmark, have made laws changing that stance.

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How does the Islamic State group view dancing?

While the group is not known for strict interpretation of Islamic law and its actions have been criticized as a form of “cultural genocide,” it has long had a fascination with female dance performances that are both popular and provocative. Its videos for female dancers range from “mocking” Saudi Arabia for not allowing women to drive to “crying” in Germany after their German partners were murdered.

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According to a YouTube clip titled “Islamic women dancing,” a masked man holds a white woman face down with his hands, before a second white woman in hijab takes a similar pose on a white chair. In another video, a man and woman dance to the track “Taste of Paradise,” by Lebanese rapper Samy Rahman.

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Why does the Islamic State group use female dancers?

It seems the women involved in this type of dance were brought up with respect to other roles and are not seen as a threat. “It seems that they are trained to do these things in the style it is performed in,” said Dr. Zuhair al-Rimi, a psychologist who treats

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