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If so, what would you recommend doing to stay in shape?

Dancing is about enjoying your body and letting yourself be vulnerable. It can also be about a deep-body experience: being able to breathe and touch. If people want to see me dance, they’d probably think I’m in the military, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that very much any more. My dancing will probably just be for fun in public when a friend comes along.

What do you prefer to listen to in your sleep?

I’m very tired all the time. When I’m sleepy, I listen to my iPod.

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

I’d give it to the homeless. I don’t really like spending money on stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose. I don’t want the most expensive car on the lot, but I also don’t want the cheapest one that’s just an expression of a person’s wealth and luxury. I’d probably put it in some sort of charity.

Sophia was a half-vampire on Earth who survived the fall of Arcadia and now resides in a secret location in the Forest of Eons. She is the sister of the Vampire who died to the Arcadian invasion in her village, but she is not the sister of the one who died.

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Early life

In the year 2149 Arcadia was conquered by the forces of the Evil Queen Lala-Chan. Sophia became the leader of her village as she lived in secret due to her parents having been destroyed. Her parents were murdered by the evil queen, and it was this event that inspired her to become a hero and save Arcadia. She was captured by the Deathstroke and Lula-Kal, who brought her along as a way to get her to confess her love for them. But Lula-Kal killed her father, and she was returned to her village.

When the war began, her village was devastated due to the destruction by deathstroke and Lula-Kal. Sophia felt terrible guilt for her actions in the war as it left many people behind; her father’s death, and being the only survivor. When Lula-Kal and Deathstroke met on Dallen’s Hill, Lula-Kal began to stalk Sophia, and she began to feel jealous that Lula-Kal knew such a beautiful woman.

When Deathstroke confronted Lula-

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