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Dancing and other physical disciplines have long been recognized as a beneficial workout. Research from the University of Florida has shown that dancing can reduce the risk of a wide variety of chronic diseases by reducing the likelihood of an infection spreading across the body and increasing the number of blood vessels that provide oxygen to the organs. “It’s not like a marathon where you’re trying to do 20 miles a day,” says Dr. John Crescenzi, D.M.D., a professor of internal medicine at Florida and director of the Florida Center for Health Promotion. “It can be an hour-and-a-half to half an hour of dancing, so it can be very effective.” But, he adds, “we need larger-scale studies that test the idea. Is dancing a workout?”

Danced To: ‘Walking Into an Elevator’ (MTV)

Does weightlifting work?

There are no specific health benefits of weight training for anyone, but the idea that it can strengthen your muscles might help explain why some people who exercise regularly do so at an earlier age. There are many factors that affect the development of muscular strength, including genetics and diet, but it’s not difficult to imagine how a little extra energy and fat mass may enhance your performance. Still, weightlifting, while a great way to increase your strength, can be a very physically taxing activity. Dr. Crescenzi says some of the exercise he advocates requires strength in the body to perform the exercise. For example, a weight lifter might need to perform a certain set of moves, or a judo instructor might have to perform a certain technique before he can be successful in a practice. “Weight training is going to be a pretty serious exercise,” he says, “but maybe even more so because you don’t necessarily have to put it in. You can do it without putting the body in that position.”
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Danced to: ‘Walking Into an Elevator’ on MTV

Should you get married early, or wait longer?

The average American spends about 19 years of his life on single living, and most people wait at least three years between their first and second marriage, according to a 2006 study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, published in Demography. The reasons why couples wait for marriage are complicated and personal. “I know from all my personal experience that it’s not really about being in love, or having a really great romance,” Crescenzi says.

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