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Yes. Dancing is a workout—that’s why it matters so much.

“Our goal is to move to the top level of society,” he says.

“It will never happen overnight,” he continues, “but we will move from there. At first we’ll be dancing at the top of our sport, but then, in a couple years, we’ll go to the next level. With this system, we’ll be a top-level team and people will see who’s good enough to compete, and that’s a good thing for the game.”

He thinks the league would do well to keep track of individual performances, with the coaches sharing stats, and to develop a player-focused approach. The game would have to evolve and keep evolving, so that it’s a more fun experience for everyone.

“To keep it fresh and fun and exciting,” says Buehler, “you need to have the athletes competing against each other, so it has to be fair. I think that would be a good start. There are some good things in it, but it could really benefit from making the sports more fun, and more competitive, and not the same, too.

“If we just give the teams one goal, and everybody’s just trying to get to the end point, it’s a bad sport.”

That said, he says, some of his colleagues at the NHLPA have expressed interest in the league’s proposal. For him, it makes a lot of sense.

Buehler, for his part, would love to see a more competitive game play out. It’s one way to keep the players entertained and interested.

“I think it’s worth trying,” he says. “Obviously, if we make it more difficult and we keep it closer to a competitive game, that makes it better. I think the players are going to benefit, even in the short term. It’s a good step. It was probably more than we could have accomplished with the current system—I think most of the benefit will be in the long-term.

“It will only work because we get the players, and make them play a little bit more, and challenge them. Then if they win, all the good things happen. If they lose, they’re not satisfied with their victory, so they keep on trying and get better, and get better, and better.

“In a good environment, it will lead to better entertainment.”

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