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5. The Best Way to Get Leaner Faster

Dr. John Maffetone, the former weightlifter with massive shoulders who is now a motivational speaker and author of The Weight Loss Bible and You Are What You Eat, has long suggested that you should lift heavy weights to bulk up.

One of the reasons is that lifting heavier weights gives you a “kick” that your muscles need to develop faster.

A study conducted on subjects of different ages (60, 80, 90) found that those who performed more than 300 heavy sets per week, compared to those who did fewer than 100 sets per week, lost much more weight.

Dr. Maffetone wrote in a 2011 book book, The Body Electric, “If you want to lift a lot of weights and get bigger muscles, you should go heavy. If you want to gain a lot of muscle quickly, you should spend less time lifting than in the ’80s.”

As you can imagine, he’s not recommending you only lift heavy once in a while. He recommends you lift heavy. It sounds like a no-brainer, but not everyone does.

A growing number of people recommend doing multiple sets of six to ten reps without rest, which is called progressive overload. And some even recommend starting heavy sets one exercise at a time.

It sounds easy, right?

The problem lies in finding a good amount of weights to use.

This article goes over a few suggestions to help you find what weights work best for you.

The best part?

Some of these recommendations sound simple enough, but many of them require a bit of a mental workout.

For instance, you’ll need to figure out where you can use heavy weights safely—where is safer than the barbell bench? Can you hold a heavier weight for longer than five minutes? How much exercise do you want to do each session?

And you’ll need to make sure that the weights you use are of the right weight class. Some weight classes may be more dangerous than others if you exercise when they’re too light; a good rule of thumb is to only use them until they’ve been proven safe.

You might also need to find the best way to lift them without damaging your shoulders too much. For example, does a dumbbell bench and cable row make more sense than heavy dumbbell presses?

And you might need to figure out the right progression:


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