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“There are no guidelines,” he says. “It’s something which was very important to try to incorporate by adding the belly dancing into the choreography.”

Belly dancing has been a longstanding feature in Chinese culture, the official tourism industry said. Tourism in the country grew 3.6% in 2016 and tourism was responsible for 1.6 million local jobs. But the official tourism industry is growing at a much higher rate. And a host of factors, including the internet, smartphones and the spread of satellite television, have fueled growth in the traditional tourism industry, which is worth approximately $1.3bn a year. Chinese travel agencies also promote the trend, which is expected to increase 9% in 2017, according to the tourism bureau.

Beijing, meanwhile, recently introduced a “belly dance holiday” to increase tourism.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest The “belly dance holiday” is in China’s capital, Beijing. Photograph: Xinhua/PA

The Chinese government has long pushed for tourism, especially for its ancient culture and art, as a key source of revenue and a way of promoting national identity.

Earlier this year, China’s first “Touring Culture Festival” was held to launch a “Chinese tourism engine”, which aims to encourage Chinese tourists to visit their ancient sites.


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