Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure? – Youtube Beginner Belly Dancing Lessons

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In fact this is a perfect example of how your body chemistry will affect how you can actually dance.
Belly dancing is not a bodybuilding workout that makes you look like a beach body type. What it is is a very fun and flexible body movement. It is especially good if you want to perform the dance for extra attention or are just looking for your ‘body’ to dance with. In fact, I often encourage people who don’t seem to like dancing to take it as an opportunity to exercise their bodies even if it’s not a bodybuilding dance, it could certainly be the right activity for you. I personally love belly dancing to dance with my children and also for the added balance.

It’s not a bad thing (in fact I like it!) and when it came to doing this exercise I was so excited to see the results as soon as I got over the initial nervousness.
There was just one problem however. I was never able to do a full body Belly Dance routine
Belly dancing, when you are on the go and you are not really used to doing it, can be very challenging. 
In fact the only way I really managed to do them all was by spending the whole morning at a desk with a laptop and a book.
I was trying to dance around and around with my husband 
I had to give up as soon as I finished with 3 full body moves. This was what I got when I took my first Belly Dance 
When I was in the middle of doing  the Belly dance I had a bit of anxiety 
I had a few moments of  self doubt 
I went to bed after finishing  the Belly Dance I found my body was exhausted I was so happy. I know that there is not any right way to do a Belly Dance but I don’t think any of us should be in a position where we worry that we won’t feel good when doing dancing.
When I was at work and I saw my husband and we were sitting in the office. I decided to make the Belly Dance 
He was impressed and said that he looked as if I had a belly that could give me a perfect hour glass figure
It is amazing how much is possible. I have a lot more to do in my life but when I am feeling down or angry I know that I can go and I can take dance classes, but I think that I don’t have the willpower to do it all.

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