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Belly dancing’s impact on your physique is well-studied; but for the moment this is one of those cases where ‘the science’ is just not there; and it makes me a tad puzzled when I hear that belly dancers are “too lean to have an hourglass figure”. Well, we can’t claim to know everything about the anatomy. We could, however, point to evidence from research that would suggest that belly dancers may be underfed and/or over-stressed at the joints, which means that they’ve had some sort of muscle or ligament injury. And there’s probably a number of issues relating to these muscles, ligaments or other joint structures that would make it impossible for them to have a hourglass figure – for instance, the tendons in the calves of the lower arms can break into bursae and cause injury to the tendons at the elbow when the bursae contract and release, and to the tendons in the elbows when the bursae contract and release. Even more problematic, these tendons may also tear in children who do not do belly dancing, with similar effects to those that would happen with a ligament or muscle injury in one’s legs. This in turn means that someone who wants an hourglass figure will be out-muscled by someone who wants a toned physique, and vice versa, so it is important not to get hung up on the exact figure you want, but to get a proper assessment of your fitness level and size. But before you start to worry if the figures you see on a couple of dance studios are not true to the figures that you would like, it’s very important to consider what it takes to maintain that figure. For instance, it is believed that if you have a high level of muscle mass – a large belly and good thighs – you are doing enough to have a large bust, so you may just have the right physique. If, however, you weigh in at 150kg/321lbs, or have a large waist and hips, you will need less work to maintain a toned bust. If your physique is of the “thin and slim” type, then you will find that you need to either find a trainer with more muscle mass, or find someone with a lot less muscle mass who is willing to work on your abs (as this is probably the best way to go about building a toned physique). If you just want to stay flat-belly, then you have to take advantage of your ‘twe

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