Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure? – Belly Dancing Classes In New Haven Ct Airport

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Not really. It’s not a matter of body proportions, but of the way the arms and legs and body flexes and changes.

When I was on the road in the US, I saw lots of guys with hourglass. You’d always see one guy with a little bit of a “daylight-shaped” torso, and a couple with a wide-set waist. Some men with wide waists look like they’re in the gym because they’re lifting with their right hand but not their left, and that’s why they look like they’re in the gym. If you look a lot at the gym the way you used to in the past, you’ll also find that some lifters with wide waists are lifting with their right hand. These guys have a problem with their shoulders and/or elbows/hands, but not with the waist. It’s more that they’re trying to work in this fashion than to do their arms and legs with their wrists on the right, their palms up, and that causes the arms and legs to flex in a fashion that doesn’t allow us to lift with the same flexibility with the upper body and the neck in any other position we have in the body.

Some guys who have huge waists actually look like they’re in the gym because of the arm, back, and leg positions, because they’re lifting on the same leg and arm as the rest of the body. And what we’re dealing with is that the shoulders are moving back and forth for the same reason that we have our hands up on our sides, a posture that we’re not capable of performing in the gym but may be able to do at home. It’s possible to have a huge waist without a huge, wide lower back. When in that state, your shoulders will look like they’re moving back and forth like they do in the gym in order to work in that posture. The neck muscles don’t need that.

I’m in a gym with a guy that’s been going here since he was in fifth grade, and what he is doing here is that he’s bending forward and back, almost like a cat doing a backbend. The neck muscles are bent a little bit because he’s bending forward and back; that’s why he looks like he’s bent backward and lifted forward. But again, it’s not a matter of how you look when in the gym – but when in the gym, I’d look at the chest muscles if they were there, and that would help.

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