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Honey, you may be on to something. Belly dancing is a great way to shape up your waistline, because after a few rounds of belly dancing, you have to realize that your body is more of a big-boobed bombshell than you realized, because you’ll actually have a little bit of a waist to tuck behind.

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For me, I was a bit hesitant about belly dancing. How would my belly look? Was it possible? I went through a whole round of testing, looking for the perfect thing and I didn’t find it until about two years into my belly dance journey.

In a nutshell: I did not like how mine looked, although it also didn’t feel good. But then I realized just how slim I was and my waist is now below average, so my belly dance did what it was supposed to do in a pinch.

In all honesty, you have to experiment a little bit on your own, so I can see your perspective. Try a bit of belly dance every once and a while and come up with your own ideas to see what works best for you!

In case you forgot about our post about the best way to do belly dance, the below post from the last post, on how to do belly dance, is a great start!

1. Keep Your Waist Lean

Don’t ever be too comfortable! You want that midsection defined like a rock star! If you are in really tight clothes, then try this step: Keep the belt loop on your pants.

This is really helpful because, without a belt loop, you will be a little loose for a belly dance, so keep that in mind!

2. Keep Your Arms Tightly Around Your Body

You still want to be tight on your belly with your arms and legs held together tightly! I want you to stay perfectly flat, but not so closed that your arms won’t be able to move. If your belly dances lean too far to the right, you just can’t do a belly dance (see below).

You want your belly dancers to look like their abdominals are at rest when they’re doing belly dance. That means keeping your shoulders back, but your arms behind you from your sides.

You’ll want to use a hip-dance position to do a belly dance. This will keep the arms fully extended and make it easy to hold your breath.

3. Lean Into The Ballads


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