Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing Skirt Shakira

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No, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go.

I have been teaching belly dancing and belly dancing workshops for the last twenty two years and belly dancing on the runway is my biggest passion.

I’m working in a local fashion show that had a young lady from the north of England. I had to learn what to do with the other girls so that I could work on her body and figure.

Did you learn a lot from this young lady?

I did not learn a lot from her body, that was all in my own head but I learnt a lot from her body. I think you have to learn from everybody and I got a lot out of teaching her and what I learned was,

“You are fat but you are beautiful”

and “You have body parts of a dancer, you’re still really good at dancing, so don’t quit” and “You are the light in your family, take care of your body and you will be beautiful and healthy!”

That’s the way to have a great body!

Is belly dancing a really exciting thing for you?

Yes, it’s so exciting,

it’s really exciting the way that I got into belly dancing, then I became an instructor after a year or so, and then I started teaching belly dancing and belly dancing to school at my local girls’ dance club.

Belly dancing is not my hobby and I do not like to be an instructor.

If the industry was like a job then teachers would just be out of work, I don’t like teaching students but I do love teaching belly dancers!

Is belly dancing something that you could be doing with a full time job?

I would love to be paid really well to do belly dancing.

What is the best piece of advice you have received through your teaching that you would pass on to somebody else as a teacher or that you would pass along?

There’s no secret that the most important thing as a teacher is your students’ trust and belief in the work that you are doing. If you don’t have that, then we as instructors need to be very open-minded to the way that our students are experiencing their body because we don’t know what our students are going through.

I will go with their dreams, their hopes, they want to be big, that’s not what we are about, we don’t care what’s going on. If you have to

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