Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dance Class Online

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I know what it is,” she said.

“To be honest I don’t know if I have to be skinny to belly dance, I’m not really bothered about it. It’s like one of those things.”

Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she got caught up in the “belly dance craze” as she walked around the mall with a friend.

“My friend is not into it but this was very tempting, she says it’s great exercise, so she was like ‘no worries mum’,” she said.

“It was really embarrassing. I wasn’t that interested because I have a good diet.”

Another woman, who said she was “very skinny” said she hadn’t been approached about being part of the craze.

She said she was surprised to be asked out, but then it struck her.

“I’d never heard before of it and I didn’t really know what it was,” she said.

“I’ve never given belly dancing a second thought. It doesn’t appeal to me and I kind of look at it as a bit old fashioned really.”

“It’s like one of those things you go into for the fun of it, but there is definitely a serious side.”

She said she’d seen a variety of people in the mall who were actually into belly dancing.

“It’s like a dance that is quite seductive and makes you feel attractive,” she said.
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“People who can be very skinny are just as likely to do it.”

Another woman in the mall said she’d been approached by at least two customers who said they were looking for belly dancers.

She said it would be “very weird if I was one of those people that got asked out,” but suggested there might be a bigger chance for a woman who looks “good in a dress”.

“I think it’s a bit strange. I would have to think about it,” she said.

“I don’t dress to look sexy and don’t have high heels in the house.”

She said she found the whole notion strange, so she was quite unsure about how she would vote on the issue if she had to vote.

“People are allowed to put on whatever outfit they want and that’s OK,” she said.

“At a club you can’t dress up and go. People just want a dance and that’s just what these boudlers are saying

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