Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Clackers

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Yes it is possible… You’re not always going to be in the position to do this. Even if you want to lose weight, this is not always the optimal time. There is a high risk of injury (more than usual) from belly dancing. But the reward can seem a lot better. Especially if the dance is a good fitness dance.

How long do you practice belly dancing? Are there time limits? Usually around 4-6 hours during the day. I have gone through an hour long workout the other day, and then another. It is possible to do 2-3 hours a few nights a week, but not so often.

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Is belly dancing dangerous? No – It all depends on where you are. Some people are not capable to lose weight if they don’t go belly dancing. People are sometimes just nervous at the time. As most people are used to walking around in a high level of body heat, this causes severe sunburn (not to mentioning the possible heat exhaustion). However, I’ve seen people get burned so badly, they could be dead within a year. I know this for a fact – a few weeks before a dance. The first few times I was scared to go. But one day my friend (who was also a high level dancer) was like, let’s go get some sun on our bodies, and we went.

What do belly dancers do out in public? Some have tattoos on their necks too.

Are belly dancers allowed to be nude in their costumes? Some have a tattoo on their necks, but I have never seen anything like that. Some people do use their clothes to cover a little bit of their bodies, the reason being they don’t want to go into the dancing area if they’re not in good health. That does help them to be more comfortable, but don’t think that it stops them from dancing.

Do belly dancers have to be very fit as the competition is a very physical activity? Yes, all competitors should be able to perform at least a 6-10 minute round, and the duration must be at least an hour long. Some have to perform while standing.

Could you teach me how to do a belly dance? Absolutely.

How much money can a belly dancer make before competitions? If they get certified or can get a job before competitions, it can be very small. For the first few days a month, they would just do their classes, and get paid a little per class. But that is very little with

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