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Is it a big deal for her to skirt? She’s just using it as a means to an end.”

The girls’ mother, whose name we have censored, was adamant that she was not “anti-skirt wearing”, nor did she “think it was right for our daughter to wear it”.

Her main concern was that her daughter could be caught out by girls like Miss E who were allowed to wear skirts. The teenager in this case was, naturally, a girl of colour who was a lot younger than her.

She said: “I can’t believe this is happening.

“My daughter wears a dress, and no matter what the situation, she wears a dress. She’s still my daughter, as it were.”

The girls’ family are not the only ones to feel this way on the issue of ‘gender non-conforming’ behaviour.

Last year, BBC Radio 5 Live asked young people in their twenties why they wore clothes like skirts or dresses.

Many said dresses had been an important part of their school uniform, but some said they preferred more practical options.

The BBC contacted the NSPCC, which said more should be done to address the issues of ‘genderqueer’ behaviour.

A spokesperson said: “Younger people can be particularly vulnerable to bullying at school, with one survey finding that half of pupils aged between 11 and 16 year olds say they’ve been bullied in school and another finding a third will not use a restroom at school due to this.

“It’s essential that schools do all they possibly can to stop young people making up stories to avoid bullying or harassment to help prevent it happening.”

A couple of hundred miles south of the border in the heart of the United States, the people of California may have just become the first in the world to legalise marijuana.

The measure, approved on Sunday by a majority-of-55 per cent of voters, will make the state the first to let the sale of marijuana for recreational use by adults over 21.

Mason Tvert, the campaign’s communications director, said he hoped other US states would follow suit but conceded the state’s historic vote was by no means a sure thing.

California, which already allows sales of marijuana, would become the first to legalise the drug if the vote is upheld by the US Supreme Court.

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California voters have passed a measure to legalise marijuana by an overwhelming majority

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