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Do you think can can skirt for kids? Here is a video that looks to say yes.

The first time I read this one in the book, I was pretty disgusted—but the second time I read it, I was more intrigued. Here’s the text:

“There is no good reason why a girl could not be allowed to be an Olympic medalist if she’s allowed to fly.”

Not every girl in the world is an Olympic medalist. I thought about this, for example, when I discovered that “flying” refers to something I don’t understand. I’ve read a lot in the last few weeks about people who are able to fly. I’ve read about people who can fly for up to two years. I’ve read about people who can fly for five years. There are a lot of people who are able to fly, including those who have flown their whole lives.

So, I can’t understand how a boy and a girl are able to fly. There’s no good reason to allow them to. Maybe if they were to win the gold and the silver medal, then maybe, just maybe, we could get an explanation that we could all see as reasonable. I’m talking about not “wetting our pants” or saying “I want to let him do X before I’ve even kissed him or hugged him or gotten on top of him.” (It does not have to be a sexual act—they can be doing the same thing in their own way: kissing, hugging, holding hands, or doing the same thing on a flight of stairs, but they can’t do those things with a boy on a plane. It could be something like, “I don’t really care that much whether or not I go on a plane with a kid unless he is wearing a dress.” I could understand that.)

“Flying” is just something that is done in a child’s daily lives. Most boys and girls play outside. Most people go off-roading. Most school-age children are on their own. I could see that the boy and the girl could come close to each other to do flying, even if they couldn’t see each other. I also saw the two of them talking about doing flying together. I guess most people in the world who don’t play with children, or have only seen their children play with other children, wouldn’t think very much about it. But I think that some of the adults in the world who are considering allowing children to fly might think

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